[Publicações] - Conceptual Map Creation from Natural Language Processing: a Systematic Mapping Study


Context: Conceptual Maps (CMs) have been used to organize knowledge and facilitate learning and teaching in multiple domains. CMs are also used in multiple settings in education, since they are able to clarify the relationships between the subcomponents of a particular topic. However, the construction of a CM requires time and effort in identifying and structuring knowledge. In order to mitigate this problem, Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques have been employed and have contributed to automate the extraction of concepts and relationships from texts. Objective: This article summarizes the main initiatives of building CMs from NLP. Method: A systematic mapping study was used to identify primary studies that present approaches on the use of NLP to automatically create CMs. Results: The mapping provides a description of 23 available articles that have been reviewed in order to extract relevant information on a set of Research Questions (RQ). From the answers to RQ, a classification scheme was designed in order to present how NLP could be employed to construct CMs. From this classification scheme, a graph was elaborated to present different paths to construct CMs using NLP. Conclusions: The construction of CMs using NLP is still a recent topic, however, it has been proven to be effective in assisting the automatic construction of CMs.

Keywords: Concept Maps; Natural Language Processing; Knowledge Representation; Systematic Mapping Study

Vinicius dos Santos
Federal Technological University of
Paraná – UTFPR

Érica Ferreira de Souza
Federal Technological University of
Paraná – UTFPR

Katia Romero Felizardo
Federal Technological University
of Paraná – UTFPR

Willian Massami Watanabe
Federal Technological University of
Paraná – UTFPR

Nandamudi L. Vijaykumar
National Institute for Space Research –

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